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Osceola Outback Florida Fishing and Hunting, Barramundi Fishing

Welcome to Osceola Outback

Osceola Outback Adventures is a full time guide service with a wide range of hunting and fishing trips available.

Alligator Hunts. Alligator hunting is extreme and very exciting. On average we harvest 10′ or better. The success rate is high due to the time of year “August-Nov” and due to the fact that they are only hunted at night by order of the State Game and Fish commission rules. This is a draw or lottery hunt and there is a limit on the number of hunts that we are able to take on a given season. So if you are interested in this type of excitement I would suggest that you contact us as soon as you can so that we can try to secure a tag for you.

Alligator: $1,500.00 per hunter. Price includes all gear and two nights of hunting or your alligator. If you have tags we will provide you with a guide service for $950.00. We have all of the boatsĀ and gear for your hunt.

Osceola Turkey hunts. If you are seeking something a little less “toothy” we also offer Osceola turkey hunts. Our hunts are provided to our clients on private property, not on public hunting ground! We understand that you may be one of two hunters. You may be the “grand slam hunter” or the “I just love to turkey hunt” kind of hunter. No matter what type of hunter you are, we will do our best to put you on target with a mature, full fan Gobbler. Hunts include 3 days of hunting or your Turkey. That being said we only harvest a select number of turkeys each year and so we can only take a few of the many clients that call to book a hunt. If you are interested in this hunt then call early to ensure your hunt.

Osceola Turkey Hunts: $2000.00. Includes motel stay, three days hunting or your bird.

Fishing in Florida. Osceola Outback is known world wide for the Barramundi fishing that we offer to our clients. Osceola Outback Adventures is the only guide service on the North American Continent that has Barramundi fishing to offer to our clients. Barramundi is a fish native to the country of Australia. They were brought to Florida to provide consumers with a great tasting and extremely healthy fish to eat. We have been blessed with the opportunity to have sole fishing rights to this unique fish farm located in central Florida. If you and your family are going to be in Florida visiting one of the many tourist destinations you can call us or send us an email to check and see about this great fishing opportunity.

Barramundi: $200 per person, for 4 hours of fishing. All gear and cold drigs are included.

Redfish Trout Snook and more. Florida is a great vacation destination to say the least. Here at Osceola Outback we have several expert fishing guides available to you and your families. Our guides are out on the water every day and pride themselves in being the best at what they do. They are family friendly and very respectful to your needs. We can also provide you with a corporate group or fleet of boats if needed. You can rest assured that when you book your trip with us that you are also booking a successful and respectful fun filled fishing adventure.

Redfish, Trout, Snook: 1/2 Day $350. Full Day $500. All gear is included.